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Mercè Conangla y Jaume Soler / Schiffer

A Creative Approach to Managing Emotions.

What sources of energy does the Earth have? Where can we find the energy we need to survive? Did you know that there are also sources of emotional energy? Through stories, questions, and games, this book teaches middle-grade kids how to "fly, " love themselves, differentiate between protecting themselves and being aggressive, and prepare a happy jelly to get them through difficult moments. They will also learn how to surround themselves with people who help them grow in harmony and balance. The content is purposefully open so that mentors can use the ideas and activities in their own way. Teachers and parents will have fun encouraging kids to become emotional ecologists―people who have enough confidence in themselves to take worthwhile risks and to make their dreams become reality.

Publicado: Diciembre 2018
ISBN: 978-0764355554
Páginas: 64
Encuadernación: Hard cover
Editorial: Schiffer
Autores: Mercè Conangla y Jaume Soler